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Title   Journal   Publication Date   Newsletter Issue  
CTCF-Mediated Genome Organization and Leukemogenesis
Qui, Y; Huang, S
Leukemia 2020-09-06 9.22 | Jun 10
Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Cholangiocarcinoma
McGrath, NA; Fu, J; Gu, SZ; Xie, C
Int J Oncol 2020-05-28 9.21 | Jun 3
Different Shades of L1CAM in the Pathophysiology of Cancer Stem Cells
Giordano, M; Cavallaro, U
J Clin Med 2020-05-16 9.19 | May 20
The Role of Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule (ALCAM) in Cancer Progression, Invasion, Metastasis and Recurrence: A Novel Cancer Stem Cell Marker and Tumor-Specific Prognostic Marker
Darvishi, B; Boroumandieh, S; Majidzadeh-A, K; Salehi, M; Jafari, F; Farahmand, L
Exp Mol Pathol 2020-05-04 9.18 | May 13
The Effects of Microgravity on Differentiation and Cell Growth in Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells
Grimm, D.; Wehland, M.; Corydon, T.; Richter, P.; Et al.
Stem Cells Transl Med 2020-04-30 9.17 | May 6
Mechanisms of the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Tumor Microenvironment in Helicobacter pylori-Induced Gastric Cancer
Baj, J.; Korona-Glowniak, I.; Forma, A.; Maani, A.; Et al.
Cells 2020-04-23 9.16 | Apr 29
Organoid Models of Glioblastoma to Study Brain Tumor Stem Cells
Azzarelli, R.
Front Cell Dev Biol 2020-04-16 9.15 | Apr 22
JNK Signaling in Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Differentiation
Semba, T.; Sammons, R.; Wang, X.; Xie, X.; Dalby, K.; Ueno, N.
Int J Mol Sci 2020-04-09 9.14 | Apr 15
New Insights Into the Functions of Cox-2 in Skin and Esophageal Malignancies
Moon, H.; White, A.; Borowsky, A.
Exp Mol Med 2020-04-01 9.13 | Apr 8
Lineage Decision-Making within Normal Haematopoietic and Leukemic Stem Cells
Brown, G.; Sanchez, L.; Sanchez-Garcia, I.
Int J Mol Sci 2020-03-24 9.12 | Apr 1
Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells: Ready for Prime Time?
Sabini, C.; Sorbi, F.; Cunnea, P.; Fotopoulou, C.
Arch Gynecol Obstet 2020-03-21 9.11 | Mar 25
The Current Markers of Cancer Stem Cell in Oral Cancers
Tahmasebi, E.; Alikhani, M.; Yazdanian, A.; Yazdanian, M.; Tebyanian, H.; Seifalian, A.
Life Sci 2020-03-03 9.10 | Mar 18
A Perspective on Challenges and Opportunities in Characterizing Oral Cancer Stem Cells
Sadasivam1, S.; Subramanian, R.
Front Biosci 2020-03-01 9.09 | Mar 11
Alterations of Cell Cycle Genes in Cancer: Unmasking the Role of Cancer Stem Cells
Caglar, H.; Avci, C.
Mol Biol Rep 2020-02-28 9.09 | Mar 11
The Role of Ubiquitination in Tumorigenesis and Targeted Drug Discovery
Deng, L.; Meng, T.; Chen, L.; Wei, W.; Wang, P.
Signal Transduct Target Ther 2020-02-29 9.08 | Mar 4
Cancer Stem Cells: Devil or Savior-Looking behind the Scenes of Immunotherapy Failure
Castagnoli, L.; De Santis, F.; Volpari, T.; Vernieri, C.; Tagliabue, E.; Di Nicola, M.; Pupa, S.
Cells 2020-02-27 9.08 | Mar 4
Role of Apelin/APJ Axis in Cancer Development and Progression
Masoumi, J.; Jafarzadeh, A.; Khorramdelazad, H.; Abbasloui, M.; Abdolalizadeh, J.; Jamali, N.
Adv Med Sci 2020-02-19 9.07 | Feb 26
Novel Ablation Methods for Treatment of Gliomas
Partridge, B.; Rossmeisl, J.; Kaloss, A.; Basso, E.; Theus, M.
J Neurosci Methods 2020-02-14 9.06 | Feb 19
Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Homeostatic, Stressed, and Malignant Stem Cells
Chua, B.; Van Der Werf, I.; Jamieson, C.; Signer, R.
Cell Stem Cell 2020-02-06 9.05 | Feb 12
Crosstalk between Autophagy and Metabolic Regulation of Cancer Stem Cells
El Hout, M.; Cosialls, E.; Mehrpour, M.; Hamaï, A.
Mol Cancer 2020-02-06 9.05 | Feb 12
Glioblastoma Stem Cells: Driving Resilience through Chaos
Prager, B.; Bhargava, S.; Mahadev, V.; Hubert, C.; Rich, J.
Trends Cancer 2020-02-03 9.04 | Feb 5
Plasticity of Cancer Stem Cell: Origin and Role in Disease Progression and Therapy Resistance
Das, P.; Pillai, S.; Rakib, A.; Khanam, J.; Gopalan, V.; Lam, A.; Islam, F.
Stem Cell Rev 2020-01-21 9.03 | Jan 29
RNA N6-Methyladenosine Modification in Solid Tumors: New Therapeutic Frontiers
Melstrom, L.; Chen, J.
Cancer Gene Ther 2020-01-20 9.02 | Jan 22
Immunotherapy for Malignant Glioma: Current Status and Future Directions
Wang, H.; Xu, T.; Huang, Q.; Jin, W.; Chen, J.
Trends Pharmacol Sci 2020-01-20 9.02 | Jan 22
Drug Repurposing towards Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Pediatric Brain Tumors
Bahmad, H.; Elajami, M.; Zarif, T.; Bou-Gharios, J.; Abou-Antoun, T.; Abou-Kheir, W.
Cancer Metastasis Rev 2020-01-09 9.01 | Jan 15
The Leukemia Stem Cell: Similarities, Differences and Clinical Prospects in CML and AML
Vetrie, D.; Helgason, G.; Copland, M.
Nat Rev Cancer 2020-01-06 9.00 | Jan 8
Aldehyde Dehydrogenase-Positive Melanoma Stem Cells in Tumorigenesis, Drug Resistance and Anti-Neoplastic Immunotherapy
Zhang, S.; Yang, Z.; Qi, F.
Mol Biol Rep 2019-12-14 8.49 | Dec 18
Cancer Stem Cells-Driven Tumor Growth and Immune Escape: The Janus Face of Neurotrophins Triaca, V.; Carito, V.; Fico, E.; Rosso, P.; Et al. Aging (Albany NY) 2019-12-08 8.48 | Dec 11
Targeting Signaling Pathways and the Immune Microenvironment of Cancer Stem Cells – a Clinical Update Clara, J.; Monge, C.; Yang, Y.; Takebe, N. Nat Rev Clin Oncol 2019-12-02 8.47 | Dec 4
MicroRNAs, a Promising Target for Breast Cancer Stem Cells Das, P.; Siddika, A.; Asha, S.; Aktar, S.; Et al. Mol Diagn Ther 2019-11-22 8.46 | Nov 27
The Cross Talk between Cancer Stem Cells/Cancer Initiating Cells and Tumor Microenvironment: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle for the Efficient Targeting of These Cells with Immunotherapy Ravindran, S.; Rasool, S.; Maccalli, C. Cancer Microenviron 2019-11-22 8.46 | Nov 27
Hypoxia in Solid Tumors: A Key Promoter of Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) Resistance Najafi, M.; Farhood, B.; Mortezaee, K.; Kharazinejad, E.; Et al. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 2019-11-16 8.45 | Nov 20
Cancer Stem Cells as Therapeutic Targets of Pancreatic Cancer Razi, E; Radak, M; Mahjoubin Tehran, M; Talebi, S; Shafiee, A; Hajighadimi, S; Moradizarmehri, S; Sharifi, H; Mousavi, N Fundam Clin Pharmacol 2019-11-10 8.45 | Nov 13
Circulating Biomarkers in Patients with Glioblastoma Bark, J.; Kulasinghe, A.; Chua, B.; Day, B.; Punyadeera, C. Br J Cancer 2019-10-31 8.43 | Nov 6
The Role of Nrf2 Signaling in Cancer Stem Cells: From Stemness and Self-Renewal to Tumorigenesis and Chemoresistance Kahroba, H.; Shirmohamadi, M.; Hejazi, M.; Samadi, N. Life Sci 2019-10-31 8.43 | Nov 6
Insights in the Immunobiology of Glioblastoma Strepkos, D.; Markouli, M.; Klonou, A.; Piperi, C.; Papavassiliou, A. J Mol Med (Berl) 2019-10-24 8.42 | Oct 30
Dysregulated MicroRNA Fingerprints and Methylation Patterns in Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Cancer Stem Cells, and Mesenchymal Stem Cells Nasr, M.; Salah, R.; Elkodous, M.; Elshenawy, S.; El-Badri, N. Front Cell Dev Biol 2019-10-17 8.41 | Oct 23
The Great Escape: Tumor Cell Plasticity in Resistance to Targeted Therapy Boumahdi, S.; de Sauvage, F. Nat Rev Drug Discov 2019-10-10 8.40 | Oct 16
Cancer Stem Cells Targeting; the Lessons from the Interaction of the Immune System, the Cancer Stem Cells and the Tumor Niche Rajayi, H.; Tavaolian, P.; Rezalotfi, A.; Ebrahimi, M. Int Rev Immunol 2019-10-03 8.39 | Oct 9
Cancer Stem Cells and Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Cancer Metastasis Celià-Terrassa, T.; Jolly, M. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med 2019-09-30 8.38 | Oct 1
LIN28: A Cancer Stem Cell Promoter for Immunotherapy in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Li, M.; Chen, H.; Wu, T. Oral Oncol 2019-09-28 8.38 | Oct 1
Hypoxia Induced Cancer Stem Cell Enrichment Promotes Resistance to Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Prostate Cancer O’Reilly, D; Johnson, P; Buchanan, PJ Steroids 2019-09-12 8.37 | Sep 25
Cancer Stem Cells and Their Unique Role in Metastatic Spread Steinbichler, T.; Savic, D.; Dudás, J.; Kvitsaridze, I.; Skvortsov, S.; Et al. Semin Cancer Biol 2019-09-12 8.36 | Sep 18
Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Current Understanding and Future Therapeutic Breakthrough Targeting Cancer Stemness Lee, K.; Kuo, Y.; Ho, Y.; Huang, Y. Cancers 2019-09-09 8.36 | Sep 18
Cancer Stem Cells in Prostate Cancer Radioresistance Tsing, T.; Beretov, J.; Ni, J.; Bucci, J.; Graham, P.; Et al. Cancer Lett 2019-09-04 8.35 | Sep 11
Immunotherapy-Based Targeting and Elimination of Leukemic Stem Cells in AML and CML Valent, P.; Sadovnik, I.; Eisenwort, G.; Bauer, K.; Herrmann, H.; Et al. Int J Mol Sci 2019-08-29 8.35 | Sep 11
SOX2 Protein Biochemistry in Stemness, Reprogramming, and Cancer: The PI3K/AKT/SOX2 Axis and Beyond Schaefer, T; Lengerke, C Oncogene 2019-09-02 8.34 | Sep 4
Tumor Cell Dormancy: Threat or Opportunity in the Fight against Cancer Jahanban-Esfahlan, R.; Seidi, K.; Manjili, M.; Jahanban-Esfahlan, A.; Javaheri, T.; Zare, P. Cancers 2019-08-19 8.33 | Aug 28
Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) Resistance Drivers Najafi, M.; Mortezaee, K.; Majidpoor, J. Life Sci 2019-08-17 8.33 | Aug 28
SOX2 in Development and Cancer Biology Novak, D.; Hüser, L.; Elton, J.; Umansky, V.; Altevogt, P.; Utikal, J. Semin Cancer Biol 2019-08-11 8.32 | Aug 21
EMT and Stemness-Key Players in Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells Rodriguez-Aznar, E.; Wiesmüller, L.; Sainz Jr., Bruno.; Hermann, P. Cancers 2019-08-08 8.31 | Aug 31
Insights into New Mechanisms and Models of Cancer Stem Cell Multidrug Resistance Garcia-Mayea, Y.; Mir, C.; Masson, F.; Paciucci, R.; Lleonart, M. Semin Cancer Biol 2019-07-29 8.30 | Aug 7
Hyaluronan-CD44 Axis Orchestrates Cancer Stem Cell Functions Skandalis, S.; Kralis, T.; Chatzopoulos, A.; Karamnos, N. Cell Signal 2019-07-27 8.30 | Aug 7
The Emerging, Multifaceted Role of Mitophagy in Cancer and Cancer Therapeutics Bhutia, S.; Panigrahi, D.; Praharaj, P.; Bhol, C.; Mahapatra, K.; Et al. Semin Cancer Biol 2019-07-24 8.29 | Jul 31
Ursodeoxycholic Acid and Cancer: From Chemoprevention to Chemotherapy Goossens, J.; Bailly, C. Pharmacol Ther 2019-07-26 8.29 | Jul 31
RhoC: A Fascinating Journey from a Cytoskeletal Organizer to a Cancer Stem Cell Therapeutic Target Thomas, P.; Pranatharthi, A.; Ross, C.; Srivastava, S. J Exp Clin Cancer Res 2019-07-24 8.29 | Jul 31
Neural Stem Cell Dynamics: The Development of Brain Tumours Hakes, A.; Brand, A. Curr Opin Cell Biol 2019-07-19 8.28 | Jul 24
Exploiting Metabolic Vulnerabilities for Personalized Therapy in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Stuani, L.; Sabatier, M.; Sarry, J. BMC Biol 2019-07-18 8.28 | Jul 24
The Role of Cancer Stem Cells and Mechanical Forces in Ovarian Cancer Metastasis Bregenzer, M.; Horst, E.; Mehta, P.; Novak, C.; Repetto, T.; Mehta, G. Cancers 2019-07-18 8.28 | Jul 24
The Connection between the Th17 Cell Related Cytokines and Cancer Stem Cells in Cancer: Novel Therapeutic Targets SHahid, A.; Bharadwaj, M. Immunol Lett 2019-07-03 8.27 | Jul 17
Glycosylation in the Era of Cancer-Targeted Therapy: Where Are We Heading? Mereiter, S.; Balmaña, M.; Campos, D.; Gomes, J.; Reis, C. Cancer Cell 2019-07-08 8.26 | Jul 10
Role and Molecular Mechanism of Stem Cells in Colorectal Cancer Initiation Wang, M.; Qiu, Y.; Cai, M.; Zhang, C.; Wang, X.; Et al. J Drug Target 2019-06-27 8.26 | Jul 10
Bone Microenvironment Signaling of Cancer Stem Cells as a Therapeutic Target in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Lee, C.; Decker, A.; Cackowski, F.; Taichman, R. Cell Biol Toxicol 2019-06-27 8.26 | Jul 10
Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer Stem Cells in Melanoma: Possible Therapeutic Implications Marzagalli, M; Raimondi, M; Limonta, P; et al Semin Cancer Biol 2019-06-29 8.25 | Jul 3
Ovarian Cancer Stemness: Biological and Clinical Implications for Metastasis and Chemotherapy Resistance Motohara, T; Katabuchi, H Cancers 2019-06-28 8.25 | Jul 3
Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology of Adult Diffuse Glioma Molinaro, A; Taylor, J; Wiencke, J; Wrensch, M Nat Rev Neurol 2019-06-21 8.24 | Jun 26
MET in Glioma: Signaling Pathways and Targeted Therapies Cheng, F; Guo, D J Exp Clin Cancer Res 2019-06-20 8.24 | Jun 26
The Molecular Markers of Cancer Stem Cells in Head and Neck Tumors Yu, S; Cirillo, N J Cell Physiol 2019-06-17 8.23 | Jun 19
Clinical and Therapeutic Implications of Cancer Stem Cells Clarke, M N Engl J Med 2019-06-06 8.22 | Jun 12
p63 at the Crossroads between Stemness and Metastasis in Breast Cancer Gatti, V; Borbone, L; Peschiaroli, A; et al Int J Mol Sci 2019-05-31 8.21 | Jun 5
Hypoxia- and MicroRNA-Induced Metabolic Reprogramming of Tumor-Initiating Cells Ullman, P; Nurmik, M; Begaj, R; Haan, S; Letellier, E Cells 2019-06-01 8.21 | Jun 5
Off to a Bad Start: Cancer Initiation by Pluripotency Regulator PRDM14 Tracey, LJ; Justice, MJ Trends Genet 2019-05-23 8.20 | May 29
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Stem Cells Houshmand, M; Et Al. Leukemia 2019-05-24 8.20 | May 29
Repurposing Drugs as Pro-Oxidant Redox Modifiers to Eliminate Cancer Stem Cells and Improve the Treatment of Advanced Stage Cancers Ralph, S; Nozuhur, S; ALHulais, R; Rodriguez-Enriquesz S; Moreno-Sanchez, R Med Res Rev 2019-05-20 8.19 | May 22
Overlapping Migratory Mechanisms between Neural Progenitor Cells and Brain Tumor Stem Cells Zarco, N; Norton, E; Quinones-Hinojosa, A; Guerrero-Cezares, H Cell Mol Life Sci 2019-05-17 8.19 | May 22
Emerging Roles for Polycomb-Group Proteins in Stem Cells and Cancer Chan, H; Morey, L Trends Biochem Sci 2019-05-10 8.18 | May 15
A Role for NF-κB in Organ Specific Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells Kaltschmidt, C; Banz-Jansen, C; Kaltschmidt, B Cancers 2019-05-11 8.18 | May 15
RNA Modifications Regulating Cell Fate in Cancer Delaunay, S; Frye, M Nat Cell Biol 2019-05-02 8.17 | May 8
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Plasticity in Cancer Progression and Metastasis Lu, W; Kang, Y Dev Cell 2019-05-06 8.17 | May 8
Exosomes, Metastases, and the Miracle of Cancer Stem Cell Markers Wang, Z; Zoller, M Cancer Metastasis Rev 2019-04-27 8.16 | May 1
Metabolic and Epigenetic Reprogramming in the Arsenic-Induced Cancer Stem Cells Li, L; Et Al. Semin Cancer Biol 2019-04-19 8.15 | Apr 24
Circular RNAs in Cancer: Emerging Functions in Hallmarks, Stemness, Resistance and Roles as Potential Biomarkers Wang, W; Et Al. Mol Cancer 2019-04-18 8.15 | Apr 24
Molecular Carcinogenesis of Gastric Cancer: Lauren Classification, Mucin Phenotype Expression, and Cancer Stem Cells Oue, N; Sentani, K; Sakamoto, N; Uraoka, N; Yasui, W Int J Clin Oncol 2019-04-12 8.14 | Apr 17
The Role of SVZ Stem Cells in Glioblastoma Altmann, C; Keller, S; Schmidt, MHH Cancers 2019-03-29 8.13 | Apr 10
Stem Cells in Homeostasis and Cancer of the Gut van der Heijden, M; Vermeulen, L Mol Cancer 2019-03-30 8.12 | Apr 3
Role of OCT4 in Cancer Stem-Like Cells and Chemotherapy Resistance Mohiuddin, I; Wei, S; Kang, M Biochim Biophys Acta 2019-03-21 8.11 | Mar 27
Higher Order Genomic Organization and Epigenetic Control Maintain Cellular Identity and Prevent Breast Cancer Fritz, AJ; Et Al. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 2019-03-15 8.10 | Mar 20
Therapeutic Targeting Strategies of Cancer Stem Cells in Gastrointestinal Malignancies Sonbol, MB; Ahn, DH; Bekaii-Saab, T Biomedicines 2019-03-10 8.09 | Mar 13
Glioblastoma Stem-Like Cells, Metabolic Strategy to Kill a Challenging Target Garnier, D; Renoult, O; Alves-Guerra, MC; Paris, F; Pecqueur, C Front Oncol 2019-03-06 8.08 | Mar 6
Targeting Cancer Stem Cells as Therapeutic Approach in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Parizadeh, SM; Jafarzadeh-Esfahani, R; et al Int J Biochem Cell Biol 2019-02-25 8.08 | Mar 6
Concise Review: Regulation of Self‐Renewal in Normal and Malignant Hematopoietic Stem Cells by Krüppel‐Like Factor 4 Park, CS; Lewis, A; Chen, T; Lacorazza, D Stem Cells Transl Med 2019-02-21 8.07 | Feb 27
Current Approaches in Identification and Isolation of Cancer Stem Cells Akbarzadehm M; Maroufi, NF; Tazehkand, AF; Akbarzadeh, M; Bastani, S; Safdari, R; Farzane, A; Fattahi, A; Nejabati, HR; Nouri, M; Samadi, N J Cell Physiol 2019-02-11 8.06 | Feb 20
Data Mining for Mutation-Specific Targets in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Benard, B; Gentles, AJ; Köhnke, T; Majeti, R; Thomas, D Leukemia 2019-02-06 8.05 | Feb 13
Autophagy and Cancer Stem Cells: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Applications Nazio, F; Bordi, M; Cianfanelli, V; Locatelli, F; Cecconi, F Cell Death Differ 2019-02-06 8.04 | Feb 6
Understanding the Cancer Stem Cell Phenotype: A Step Forward in the Therapeutic Management of Cancer Wong, ALA; Bellot, GL; Hirpana, JL; Pervaiz, S Biochem Pharmacol 2019-01-25 8.03 | Jan 30
Prevention of Breast Cancer by Dietary Polyphenols—Role of Cancer Stem Cells Gu, HF; Mao, XY; Du, M Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr 2019-01-11 8.02 | Jan 23
Modeling Malignancies Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: From Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) to Hereditary Cancers Turhan, AG; Foudi, A; Hwang, JW; Desterke, C; Griscelli, F; Bennaceur-Griscelli, A Exp Hematol 2019-01-16 8.02 | Jan 23
Metal Carcinogen Exposure Induces Cancer Stem Cell-Like Property through Epigenetic Reprograming: A Novel Mechanism of Metal Carcinogenesis Wang, Z; Yang, C Semin Cancer Biol 2019-01-11 8.01 | Jan 16
Cancer Stem Cells and Immunosuppressive Microenvironment in Glioma Ma, Q; Long, W; Xing, C; Chu, J; Luo, M; Wang, HY; Liu, Q; Wang, RF Front Immunol 2018-12-21 8.00 | Jan 9
Lung Cancer Stem Cells: Origin, Features, Maintenance Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targeting Heng, WS; Gosens, R; Kruyt, FAE Biochem Pharmacol 2018-12-14 7.50 | Dec 19
Post-Transcriptional Regulations of Cancer Stem Cell Homeostasis Berabez, N; Durand, S; Gabut, M Curr Opin Oncol 2018-12-17 7.50 | Dec 19
MicroRNAs in Cancer Stem Cells: Biology, Pathways, and Therapeutic Opportunities Asadzadeh, Z; Mansoori, B; Mohammadi, A J Cell Physiol 2018-12-07 7.49 | Dec 12
Cancer Stem Cells: Road to Therapeutic Resistance and Strategies to Overcome Resistance Makena, MR; Ranjan, A; Thirumala, V; Reddy, A Biochim Biophys Acta 2018-11-24 7.48 | Dec 5
Therapy Resistance Mediated by Cancer Stem Cells Steinbichler, TB; Dudás, J; Skvortsov, S; Ganswindt, U; Riechelmann, H; Skvortsova, II Semin Cancer Biol 2018-11-21 7.47 | Nov 28
New Insights into the Mechanisms of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Implications for Cancer Dongre, A; Weinberg, RA Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 2018-11-20 7.46 | Nov 21
Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) in Cancer Progression and Therapy Najafi, M; Farhood, B; Mortezaee, K J Cell Physiol 2018-11-11 7.45 | Nov 14
Inhibition of Cancer Stem Cells Promoted by Pimozide Goncalves, J; Silva, C; Rivero, E; Cordeiro, M Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol 2018-11-01 7.44 | Nov 7
Cancer from the Perspective of Stem Cells and Misappropriated Tissue Regeneration Mechanisms Ratajczak, MZ; Bujko, K; Mack, A; Kucia, M; Ratajczak, J Leukemia 2018-10-30 7.43 | Oct 30
Convergence of VEGF and YAP/TAZ Signaling: Implications for Angiogenesis and Cancer Biology Elaimy, A; Mercurio, A Sci Signal 2018-10-16 7.42 | Oct 24
Tumor Microenvironment and Metabolic Plasticity in Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells: Perspectives on Metabolic and Immune Regulatory Signatures in Chemoresistant Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells Ahmed, N; Escalona, R; Leung, D; Chan, E; Kannourakis, G Semin Cancer Biol 2018-10-11 7.41 | Oct 17
Therapy-Induced Enrichment of Cancer Stem-Like Cells in Solid Human Tumors: Where Do We stand? Martins-Neves, SR; Cleton-Jansen, AM; Gomes, CMF Pharmacol Res 2018-10-11 7.41 | Oct 17
Prostate Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells Li, JJ; Shen, MM Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med 2018-10-05 7.40 | Oct 10
Parallels between Artificial Reprogramming and the Biogenesis of Cancer Stem Cells: Involvement of lncRNAs Rasmussen, TP Semin Cancer Biol 2018-09-28 7.39 | Oct 3
A Rare Subgroup of Leukemia Stem Cells Harbors Relapse-Inducing Potential in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Senft, D; Jeremias, I Exp Hematol 2018-09-24 7.38 | Sep 26
Stem Cell Fate in Cancer Growth, Progression and Therapy Resistance Lytle, NK; Barber, AG; Reya, T Nat Rev Cancer 2018-09-18 7.37 | Sep 19
The Emerging Role of lncRNAs in the Regulation of Cancer Stem Cells Castro-Oropeza, R; Melendez-Zajgla, J; Maldonado, V; Vazquez-Santillan, K Cell Oncol (Dordr) 2018-09-14 7.37 | Sep 19
Cancer Stem Cells-Emanated Therapy Resistance: Implications for Liposomal Drug Delivery Systems Dianat-Moghadam,H; Heydarifard, M; Jahanban-Esfahlan, R; Panahi, Y; Hamishehkar, H; Pouremamali, F; Rahbarghazi, R; Nouri, M J Control Release 2018-09-02 7.36 | Sep 12
Cytokines, Breast Cancer Stem Cells (BCSCs) and Chemoresistance Chen, W; Qin, Y; Liu, S Clin Transl Med 2018-09-03 7.35 | Sep 5
Role of Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Stem Cell Chemoresistance and Recurrence Das, M; Law, S Int J Biochem Cell Biol 2018-08-25 7.34 | Aug 29
The Next Generation of Anticancer Metallopharmaceuticals: Cancer Stem Cell-Active Inorganics Laws, K; Suntharalingam, K Chembiochem 2018-08-15 7.33 | Aug 22
Targeting Molecular Pathways in Cancer Stem Cells by Natural Bioactive Compounds Cianciosi, D; Varela-Lopez, A; Forbes-Hernandez, TY; Gasparrini, M; Afrin, S; Reboredo-Rodriguez, P; Zhang, J; Quiles, JL; Nabav, SF; Battino, M; Giampieri, F Pharmacol Res 2018-08-10 7.32 | Aug 15
Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 2α: A Novel Target in Gliomas Renfrow, JJ; Soike, MH; Debinski, W; Ramkissoon, SH; Mott, RT; Frenkel, MB; Sarkaria, JN; Lesser, GJ; Strowd, RE Future Med Chem 2018-08-09 7.32 | Aug 15
Targeting Cancer Stem Cells and Their Niche: Perspectives for Future Therapeutic Targets and Strategies Zhao, Y; Dong, Q; Li, J; Zhang, K; Qin, J; Zhao, J; Sun, Q; Wang, Z; Wartmann, T; Jauch, KW; Nelson, PJ; Qin, L; Bruns, C Semin Cancer Biol 2018-08-03 7.31 | Aug 8
Replication Stress Response in Cancer Stem Cells as a Target for Chemotherapy Manic, G; Sistigu, A; Corradi, F; Musella, M; De Maria, R; Vitale, I Semin Cancer Biol 2018-08-03 7.31 | Aug 8
Metastatic Niche Functions and Therapeutic Opportunities Celià-Terrassa, T; Kang, Y Nat Cell Biol 2018-07-26 7.30 | Aug 1
Breast Cancer Stem Cells: Features, Key Drivers and Treatment Options Dittmer, J Semin Cancer Biol 2018-07-27 7.30 | Aug 1
Emerging Roles of Myc in Stem Cell Biology and Novel Tumor Therapies Yoshida, GJ J Exp Clin Cancer Res 2018-07-27 7.30 | Aug 1
Dysregulation of Iron Metabolism in Cancer Stem Cells Recalcati, S; Gammella, E; Cairo, G Free Radic Biol Med 2018-07-21 7.29 | Jul 25
Perspective: Bidirectional Exosomal Transport between Cancer Stem Cells and Their Fibroblast-Rich Microenvironment during Metastasis Formation Valcz, G; Buzas, E; Molnar, B NPJ Breast Cancer 2018-07-16 7.28 | Jul 18
EMT, Stemness and Tumor Plasticity in Aggressive Variant Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancers Soundararajan, R; Paranjape, A; Maity, S; Aparicio, A; Mani, SA Biochim Biophys Acta 2018-07-05 7.27 | Jul 11
Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with Dietary Phytochemical – Repositioned Drug Combinations chan, M; Chen, R; Fong, D Cancer Lett 2018-06-27 7.26 | Jul 4
Emerging Functional Markers for Cancer Stem Cell-Based Therapies: Understanding Signaling Networks for Targeting Metastasis Marquardt, S; Solanki, M; Spitschak, A; Vera, J; Putzer, B Semin Cancer Biol 2018-06-30 7.26 | Jul 4
Role of Autotaxin in Cancer Stem Cells Lee, D; Suh, DS; Lee, SC; Tigyi, GJ; Kim, JH Cancer Metastasis Rev 2018-06-20 7.25 | Jun 27
CD133: Beyond a Cancer Stem Cell Biomarker Barzegar Behrooz, A; Syahir, A; Ahmad, S J Drug Target 2018-06-18 7.24 | Jun 20
Cancer Stem Cells in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: A Potential Target and Prognostic Marker O’Conor, CJ; Chen, T; Gonzalez, I; Cao, D; Peng, Y Biomark Med 2018-06-15 7.24 | Jun 20
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